Horizontal activities

Throughout the project, BRIDGE Health aims to work on generic objectives. These objectives are the transversal layers throughout the project that bring together the expertise developed within each specific health information domain to tackle the following generic objectives:

  • develop a strategic policy paper describing the scope, tasks, activities and governance structure of a future health information system in Europe covering both health and health care systems;
  • ensure sustainability of key health information activities that have been run under the past EU-health and research framework programmes and enhance synergy among these activities;
  • enhance the transferability of health information and data for policy and improve the utility and use of data and indicators for stakeholders in policy making, public health surveillance and health care;
  • reduce health information inequality within the EU and within MSs;
  • develop a blueprint for a sustainable and integrated EU health information system by developing common methods for
    • methods of standardization of health information gathering and exchange between population health and health systems information within and between Member States;
    • methods of standardization of data quality assurance systems;
    • methods of health information priority settings and
    • harmonization of ethic-legal issues.

All the partners are involved in the horizontal activities.