Platform for administrative data on health care

Provide insight on how to build a data infrastructure based on individual patient-level data and exploring the integration of routinely collected administrative data from different European experiences.

Policy Context: The European health care roadmap is set upon three pillars: strengthening health-care effectiveness, increasing accessibility and improving resilience. On top of the EU instruments foreseen to reach those goals, the assessment of health systems’ performance (HSPA) and the routinely use of existing health information systems.

Background: ECHO, the European Collaborative for Healthcare Optimization, has provided abundant insight on how to use administrative data to inform unwarranted variations in health care performance in a small sample of EU countries.

Goal: Building upon lessons from the ECHO project, WP10 team within BRIDGE-Health aims at providing insight on how to build a Europe-wide knowledge infrastructure based on administrative data sources and meant to analyse healthcare systems.

The main contributors to this research field are: