BRIDGE Health organised 2 pre-conferences and 3 workshops at the European Public Health Conference 2016 in Vienna.

Two pre-conference. In collaboration with the WHO, the OECD and EUPHA section on Public Health Monitoring and Reporting, BRIDGE Health was organizing a pre-conference entitled “Strengthening health information systems through cross-country learning and collaboration”. In collaboration with the EUPHA Section on Injury prevention and safety promotion, EuroSafe European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion and BRIDGE Health organised a second preconference entitled: Use of injury data for effective and innovative safety promotion.

Workshop 1 on the Work Packages (Organizer Maria Hofmarcher) included the following presentations:

  • The European injury data base: supporting injury research and policy across Europe, Ronan Lyons (WP9)
  • The experience of the BRIDGE-Health - Platform for population-based registries: need of harmonized procedures and methods, Simona Giampaoli (WP8)
  • The health examination survey/osservatorio epidemiologico cardiovascolare, Italy 2008-2012: health indicators by self-reported versus measured information, Luigi Palmieri (WP5)
  • European-level health system performance assessment to a new level, Mikko Peltola (WP11)
  • Indicators for structured monitoring of health system performance, Nataša Perić (WP12)


Workshop 2 is in the format of a round table (Organizer Petronille Bogaert) with the Horizontal Activities covering the following topics:


Workshop 3: Making mothers and children count : health information, health and quality of life. Chairperson(s): Anthony Staines - Ireland

  • Invisibility: The Health Information gaps affecting women, children and adolescents in Europe. J. Frederik Froen - Norway
  • Linking Health and Administrative Data for Maternal, Child and Young Adult Health, Anita Burgun - France
  • The availability of individual-level data on child health in European birth cohorts. Maribel Casas - Spain
  • Going beyond mortality: evaluating maternal and neonatal morbidity using routine data in Europe. Anne Alice Chantry - France
  • Information on the health and well-being of children and young people: the needs of practitioners across Europe, Sara Mc Quinn - Ireland